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Billiards & Brews - And the Winner is...

The 2nd Annual Billiards & Brews Pool Tournament was held on Sept. 19th and a lot of fun was had by all! We invite local breweries to enjoy some friendly rivalries at the pool tables to benefit The Wounded Warrior Project. What better way to spend an afternoon than playing pool for a good cause and getting to eat and drink beer while doing it. We'd like to thank the breweries who played again year: Fat Bottom, New Heights, Tailgate (the new guys in the tournament this year), Yazoo, Tennessee Brew Works, Turtle Anarchy and Music City Beverage (representing our non-alcoholic beverages). Tennessee Brew Works tried hard to hold on to their title from last year, but succumbed in Round 2. The final round was an intense battle between New Heights and Turtle Anarchy. So who got to take home the Championship plaque? The Winner is...TURTLE ANARCHY! Congrats guys! Hang that plaque with pride in your establishment.

We'd also like to thank our customers for purchasing the participating beers - a portion of your purchases has been donated to the Wounded Warriors.

We hope everyone will come back next year.

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