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Buffalo's Sports Update

Fall begins in less than a month, but you wouldn't know it by the slightly warm temperatures we've been having. We have plenty of cold beer on hand and plenty of games to enjoy while you stay cool.

Tomorrow night the Titans play their last pre-season game and if these last three games are any indication of how the season is going to go, it's going to be a long painful one. But I digress...we must think positive and stand behind the local team and maybe this is just them warming up and they will make it to the playoffs.

In Soccer, the Nashville Soccer Club has played 25 games and won 10, tied 8, and lost 7, putting them in 7th place with the League. Their season ends mid-October. We watch all their games so come on in and support the local team.

And last but not least, the Preds will be starting their pre-season games on September 17th so the hockey fans have something to look forward to.

And that concludes your Buffalo's sports update. The drinking will now commence.

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