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Beer and Sports

Beer - it goes hand in hand with sports and we have plenty of beer...and sports...because we are...a sports bar...THE BEST SPORTS BAR IN NASHVILLE.

And in sports, right now soccer teams from around the world are competing for the 2018 World Cup in Russia until mid-July, and yes, you can watch the games here (at least the ones that air during our business hours). Since the US doesn't have a dog in this fight this year, who do you think will win?

For those of you who prefer a game with less excitement, this weekend is also the 118th US Open Golf Championship and we know we have some golf fans because we see you playing Golden Tee Golf when you come in and we know who you are...

And if none of those interest you, there's always Nashville Sounds baseball. So come on down, grab a beer and enjoy the sport of your choice.

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