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CMA FEST has arrived.

It doesn't officially kick off until tomorrow, June 7th, but thousands of music fans are descending upon downtown Nashville for CMA Fest at this very moment. The Riverfront Stage is behind us so we watched the progress (I missed the work from the weekend) as it was built. Sorry guys, we can't open our windows but you can still hear the music.

The weather is supposed to be great, but HOT so don't forget your sunscreen. It will be crowded, and the traffic will be a nightmare, but we'll be here for you...a cool refuge from the heat and the crowds...and the traffic. Come grab a $2.50 Tall Boy and some of our signature Buffalo Chicken Dip. I also highly recommend our Buffalo Chicken Cheesy Bread and our BBQ Nachos. And our Fish Tacos are also a favorite with our regulars and visitors.

Welcome to Nashville, stay safe, have fun, and please tip your servers and bartenders. They'll be working extra hard to make sure you have such a great time that you'll come back next year.

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