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St. Patrick's Day

Even though St. Patrick's Day is still a week away, we like to get a jump on things around here. So for the upcoming day of shamrocks, leprechauns and "Kiss Me I'm Irish" buttons, we decided it would be cool to have a fundraiser. We have this naughty leprechaun who is willing to show the world his Buffalo's Nashville belly tattoo in order to get donations for the Tennessee Special Olympics.

Any donation is welcome and it's for a great cause. You will get one of these leprechauns to put your name (or alias) on and we will display it proudly in one of our restrooms...where else do you think we would put a lecherous leprechaun? And what is he hiding under his shamrock? The world will never know...cuz he ain't talking.

We will be taking donations from now through St. Patrick's Day weekend, so while you're wearing green and drinking green beer, put your name on a leprechaun and donate to a good cause.

And don't forget the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament...come on in before, during, or after the games.

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