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Football & A New Appetizer!

It's almost here! Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend! And even though our Titans didn't make it (better luck next year, guys), football fans everywhere gather wherever they can find a place (preferably Buffalo's Nashville) to eat, drink and watch the game.

And while you're here, be sure to try our new appetizer which was created when two of our kitchen employees, one carrying cheese bread and one carrying an order of Buffalo Chicken Dip, collided, spilling the dip all over the cheesy bread. What looked like a disaster turned out to be the birth of our new Buffalo Chicken Dip Cheesy Bread, a hoagie roll topped with garlic butter, Buffalo Chicken Dip, bacon and cheddar-jack cheese, toasted to perfection. It's so good, you'll want to dance on the bar naked...but please...don't.

But it's only going to be here for a limited time so you better get it while you can.

FOOTNOTE: The story of how the new appetizer came to be may...or may true. Only the kitchen staff knows for sure and they're not talking.

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