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Are You Ready For Some Football?

So Nashville suffered a bit of cloud cover for the big Eclipse of 2017, but it was still pretty cool sitting on the roof of our building watching the city go dark for a minute. And now that it's over, it's time for...drum roll please...FOOTBALL! And what better place to meet for a pre- or after-game party than Buffalo's? And when there is an away game? Come watch the game with us.

We welcome ALL football fans, so if you're in town with a group of friends, call us to reserve one of our event spaces. Don't have tickets to the game? That's okay too...we have 27 HDTV's so you can watch the game with us while enjoying some cold beer and good food - I highly recommend the BBQ Nachos and our signature Buffalo Chicken Dip. And while you're watching the game, how about a game or two of darts, shuffleboard, pool, Golden Tee golf or foosball? We have something for everyone, but only if you are over 21.

We have buffet and drink packages available for any size group. Get your quote today. Expect more from your sports bar...choose Buffalo's Nashville.

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