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Bet You Didn't Know...

...that what we know as Second Avenue was, until 1903, known as Market Street? And the history of our block involves that beloved morning beverage that helps you recover from the hangover you got from Buffalo's the night before…COFFEE.

Long before our building at 154 Second Avenue was home to establishments that sell beer and other assorted libations, it was next door to the Nashville Coffee & Mfg. Co from 1892 to 1904 when the company changed its name to the Cheek-Neal Coffee Co. and in 1928, history was made. The Cheek-Neal Coffee Company developed a coffee exclusively for the Maxwell House Hotel which was originally located at 4th Avenue and Church Street…and Maxwell House Coffee was born.

So coffee was an integral part of our block on Second Avenue North for many years…which could explain why our chief party officer was found licking the brick wall one day when she didn’t have time to stop for her morning coffee. There must be very old caffeine residue in the walls.

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