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They DO Exist!

This is Al. He’s a tourist from “parts unknown.” We found out that on his home planet (the name of which cannot be pronounced by humans), he is quite the celebrity – the “Planet’s Most Interesting Being” and he wanted to know all about this place called Buffalo’s Nashville that he’s heard so much about.

So we let Al have the run of the bar. Eddie, our bartender, showed him some bartending tricks. Chris, our kitchen manager, gave him a pool lesson and played a few rounds of Foosball with him. Al also spent two hours playing Ms. PacMan (he said she reminded him of an old girlfriend). We tried to feed him, but apparently he can’t consume Earth food, which is a shame since we have really good wings and sandwiches.

But he likes beer…and we discovered that aliens have a very low tolerance for alcohol and as you can see, Al got a little crazy and tried to ride a fake buffalo. We had to coax him off the bar when he tried to sing with our guitar playing cigar store Indian.

Al enjoyed his day with us and has promised to come back and is thinking of a permanent move to Nashville to become a country singer.

Thanks for stopping by, Al…have a safe trip back to wherever it is you came from. Say hi to E.T. for us.

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